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Bioforce Blooume 33 (Viryagro) Drops

280.00 incl. of all taxes

Improves Sperm Quality, Restore vitality, Erectile Dysfunction, Early Ejaculation.

SIZE – (30 ML)



Indication of Bioforce Blooume 33 Viryagro Drops

  • Erectile dysfunction and Ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Lack of Vitality and erection problem

Action of the Composition used Bioforce Blooume 33 (Viryagro) Drops :

Ashwagandha: It is like a health tonic for men. It helps to improve the physical built and appetite.

Nuphar Luteum: In males complete absence of stamina; parts relaxed; penis retracted.  Involuntary emissions during stool, when urinating. Spermatorrhea.

Agnus Castus: For vitality, with corresponding mental depression and loss of nervous energy. No erections. Parts cold, relaxed, scanty emission without ejaculation. Loss of prostatic fluid on straining. Gleety discharge.

Damiana: Used in sexual neurasthenia, weakness from nervous prostration. Incontinence of old people. Chronic prostatic discharge.

Yohimbinum: It is of service in congestive conditions of the organs. It is good for Male genital functions. It helps to increase the stamina.

Titanium: Sexual weakness, with too early ejaculation of semen in coitus.

Dosage : 

20 drops in a tablespoon of water, 1/2 an hour before eating, 3 to 5 times in a day or as prescribed by the physician

Safety instruction : 

  • keep reach out of children
  • store in cool and dry temperature.
  • Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.







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