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Charak Danil Antidendruff Shampoo

189.00 incl. of all taxes

Natural & nourishing antidandruff shampoo

SIZE – 100 ML 


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Several commercial over-the-counter shampoo products contain active ingredients designed to target and alleviate dandruff. The main active ingredients used include salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, coal tar, resorcin, selenium and ketoconazole, according to the National Institutes of Health. Though they are effective at combating dandruff,dry scalp and even as serious as cancer.

Thus there is a need of safe and effective treatment.

Danil Shampoo is a natural and nourishing anti-dandruff shampoo that contains Japa & Tea tree that offers excellent anti-dandruff properties. Tea tree is a potent antiseptic and has strong antimicrobial activity. Kapurkachari & Japa promotes hair growth.Regular use of Danil Shampoo helps visibly reduce flakes, itching and hair fall, preventing dandruff from coming back.Danil Shampoo is a mild formulation for those who have an active lifestyle that requires frequent shampooing. It gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp, keeping your hair dandruff free, strong and healthy.

For best results, Danil Shampoo can be used with Danil Oil. Danil Oil can be applied in the night, followed by Danil Shampoo in the next morning.

Indications :

  • Antimicrobial/ Antifungal action
  • Provides luster to the hair
  • Protects scalp from dryness
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Safe in children

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Ingredients :        

1. Related image Neem (Nimb) :  (Azadirachta indica) Antidermatophytic, Antifungal activity.

2.Image result for Kapur Kachri   kapurkachari :  (Hedychium spicatum) Promotes hair growth.

3.  Image result for Japa (Hibiscus rosa sinensis)  Japa : (Hibiscus rosa sinensis) Promotes hair growth, Antidandruff activity.

  4. Image result for Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)  Rusamari : (Rosmarinus officinalis) Antifungal, Antioxidant, Promotes hair growth.

5.  Image result for Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Tea tree : (Melaleuca alternifolia) Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Antidandruff activity.


It gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp, keeping your hair dandruff free, strong and healthy.



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