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Safpure Vanshlochan

Mfg. & Mkt. by: Safpure Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.

Natural calcium, Geophagia (eating earth, chalk, clay)

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Vanslochan / banslochan / tabasheer/ bamboo silica is white translucent substance obtained from the joints of some species of bamboo , specially bambusa arudinica.

After cutting , drying and splinting the bamboo into half . vanslochan is extracted from the joints of bamboo.

Vanshlochan secretes from nodes of bamboo trees. It is a herbal silica that is collected from the female bamboo trees nodes for therapeutic uses. And has medicinal value in the Indian system of Ayurveda It composed mainly of silica and water with traces of lime and potash, peroxide of iron, alumina and moisture. It absorbs great deal of water but does not get easily dissolved in water.


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