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Ustilago Maydis Q

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Ustilago Maydis 

Natural History: Corn-Smut


  • Mind.-Depression of spirits in afternoon.-Very sad, cries frequently; exceedingly prostrated from sexual abuse and loss of semen; sleep restless.-Could not bear to see or talk with any one.-Irritability, < being asked a question or to repeat anything.-The day seemed like a dream.


  •  Head.-Vertigo in attacks, sometimes with double vision, sometimes white specks blot out everything else, later attacks of vertigo with internal heat.-Vertigo at climaxis with profuse menstruation.-Headache: all the morning; at 7 a.m.; in evening, < forehead; < walking.-Nervous headache from menstrual irregularities in nervous women.-Frontal pain: in morning; in forenoon, with smarting in eyes; all day, with aching distress in eyeballs and with fulness in head in morning; with distress in epigastrium.-Scalp dry, cad congested, with loss of hair.-Scald-head, watery serum oozing from scalp.-Prickling in l. temple.-Loss of hair.


  •  Eyes.-Attacks of twitching in eyes, they appear to look (revolve) in circles and dart from one object to another.-Continual watery flow from eyes and nose with occasional chills.-Spasms, with vanishing of vision and head seems to whirl.-Aching in eyes and lachrymation.-Hot feeling on closing lids.-Weakness of eyes.-Lachrymation in open air.-Lids agglutinated in morning.-Vision of spots dancing to and fro.
  •  Nose.-Boil in r. nostril.-Dryness of nostrils in forenoon, with dry feeling in skin.-Bright epistaxis, > pressure.-Rhinitis, bitter taste, offensive odour noticeable to patient himself.
  •  Face.-Sudden pallor in face when sitting, and in evening.-Burning of face and scalp from congestion.
  •  Teeth.-Sometimes looseness of teeth.-Aching all day in decayed upper first and second molars.-Shedding of teeth (in animals).
  •  Mouth.-Tongue coated in morning.-Prickling in tongue, with feeling as if something were pressing the roots upward, with dryness of nostrils.-Salivation: bitter; thin, bitter.-Taste: coppery; in morning; slimy coppery; slimy coppery in morning; slimy; slimy, with burning distress in stomach.
  •  Throat.-L. tonsil enlarged, congested, dark reddish, r. painful on swallowing at 2 p.m.; l. painful at 9 p.m.; next morning congestion of l. extending along Eustachian tube and causing pain in ear.-Lancinations in r. tonsil (fauces were somewhat inflamed when the medicine was taken), next day fauces hotter and more sensitive to motion.-Roughness of fauces.-Dryness of fauces, with burning dryness in stomach.-Dryness of fauces, with difficulty in swallowing, feeling of a lump behind larynx, later frequent efforts to swallow, with feeling as if something had lodged in fauces, afterwards irritation of fauces, and on swallowing feeling of a lump in larynx.-Burning in oesophagus at cardiac orifice.
  •   Appetite.-Appetite: craving; poor.-Thirst at night.
  •   Stomach.-Eructations: of sour fluid; of sour food.-Cutting in stomach.-Pain in stomach: frequently in afternoon; on full inspiration.-Pain in epigastrium with drawing pain in joints of fingers.-Burning in sternum and cardia.-Distress in stomach in forenoon; in afternoon, > by supper.-Haematemesis, passive, venous, accompanied by nausea, which is > by vomiting.

Abdomen.-Periodical cutting in umbilical and hypogastric regions at 6 p.m., < at 8 p.m. by a constipated stool, afterwards grumbling pains in whole abdomen.-(Pain as if intestines were tied in knots.).-Pain: in r. lobe of liver; in umbilicus; in umbilicus before natural stool; in l. groin when walking.-Drawing pain in r. hypochondrium all day.-Distress in umbilicus and r. hypochondrium.

  •  Stool.-Natural stool at 4 a.m.-Loose stool at 4 a.m., with pain and rumbling in abdomen.-Light-coloured diarrhoea.-Soft stool, next day dry, lumpy, two days later black, dry, lumpy.-Constipated.
  •   Urinary Organs.-Tenesmus of bladder and incontinence of urine.-Urging, urine light-coloured.-No desire, but uneasiness.-Urine: increased; scanty, red; acid, high-coloured.
  •  Male Sexual Organs.-Genitals relaxed.-Erections: when reading at 4 o’clock; frequently during day and night.-Scrotum relaxed and cold sweat on it.-Pain in testes, < r.-Pain in testes, sometimes neuralgic; in paroxysms, sometimes causing faintish feeling.-Desire depressed.-Chronic orchitis, irritable testicle.-Erotic fancies.-Seminal emissions and irresistible tendency to masturbation.

Direction for use:

10 to 15 drops twice daily in half cup of lukewarm water, or prescribed by the physian.

Safety instruction:

  • consult your physian before using any medication
  • keep reach out of children
  • store in cool and dry temperature.


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