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Viscum Album Q

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Viscum album

It is a hemi-parasitic shrub, which grows on the stems of other trees. Viscum album is a small woody shrub, frequently globular in shape and can reach over 1 m in diameter. It grows on the branches of other trees, to which it is attached by a swelling called a haustorium. In common with all mistletoes, it is hemiparasitic which means that although it depends on its host for water and mineral nutrients, it is able to photosynthesise (create its own carbohydrates using sunlight) because it has green leaves and stems.


  • used for seizures and epilepsy
  • “St. Vitus’s dance,” motor twitching, spasm, and nerve hyperactivity
  • treatment of diabetes
  • treatment of cancer
  • Swelling or Inflammation
  • Depression
  • high blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • stops hemorrhages in females
  • Double vision
  • Buzzing and stopped-up feeling in ear
  • Deafness from cold
  • Vertigo 

Direction for use:

10 to 15 drops twice daily in half cup of lukewarm water, or prescribed by the physian.

Safety instruction:

    • consult your physian before using any medication
    • keep reach out of children
    • store in cool and dry temperature.


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